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The Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements

Most of you are wondering, are Muscle supplements actually doing anything?

The  Top 5 Muscle Building Supplements and what they do:

1.       Creatine

A naturally occurring
substance found in muscle cells, mostly around the skeleton is where most of
your body’s creatine is stored. The rest can be found throughout the body and
is an important factor in building muscle. It has been recreated as a
supplement to build muscle.

Creatine helps make lean
muscle tissue and increases the muscle cell volume. Taking creatine ensures for
faster workout recovery and increases high intensity muscle performance.  It is a non addictive substance and can be
stopped any time without negative results. When it is stopped, the levels of
creatine return to normal within a month.


2.       Beta Alinine

This is an amino acid that
is non-essential and found in foods like chicken.  It is known as a performance enhancer,
because it increases intramuscular levels of carnosine.  While exercising, the body’s pH can drop, due
to a large amount of hydrogen being introduced. 
This turns into lactic acid, causing fatigue, decrease in muscle
performance and even muscle failure. 

With Beta Alinine, the pH
levels are kept normal by hydrogen being delayed.  Benefits include increased endurance, reduced
fatigue, and it works in tune with creatine.


3.       Whey Protein

Whey protein shakes are an
easy way to ingest a lot of protein with a bonus of calcium, magnesium and
other minerals. Typically, whey is taken before and after a workout, to
increase muscle gain and fat loss.

It is quickly and easily
digested (rapidly absorbed) into the system and works right away. It is ideal
for someone that is lactose intolerant, and improves muscle repair. Whey
protein is also a great appetite supplement full of amino acids and encourages
recovery and speeds up the metabolism.

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1.       Branch Chain Amino Acid

The branch chain amino
acid’s are used to help the body recover. 
Three of the twenty amino acids found in the body are branch chain amino
acids. This amino acid increases metabolic recovery and reduces pain from
muscle fatigue.

2.       Glutamine

Glutamine slows down
muscle breakdown during intensive training, improving strength and endurance.
It allows the body to burn excess fat and makes the metabolism more
effective.  It slows the loss of lean
muscle, which can happen during a training program. It’s beneficial to the
immune system and reduces stress.

For those focusing on
gaining muscle, growth hormone is also increased with glutamine, and muscle
repair is increased with this supplement.

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How to Reduce Belly Fat

In both women and men a protruding, sagging or irregular tummy can become a problem as far as self confidence and self esteem is concerned. In such a situation, you find yourself in dire need to reduce belly fat and stay fit. The tips below might be of help if properly utilized.

  • Abs works and other exercises. Nothing works well in reducing belly fat more than abs exercises such as sit-ups, aerobics, and some belly gym workouts. This however requires a high level of determination, dedication and discipline. Still, it remains the healthiest approach to curb excess adipose tissue in the tummy, while improving general body health as well.
  • Dieting. To reduce belly fat more effectively, there are certain foods that you should consume in plenty, whereas there are others you should try to avoid as much as possible. Having too much of sugary foods, bad fats, and sweetened beverages is not recommended. During the program also, protein, fruits, fiber should be taken in plenty. Junk food should not be part of your diet. If unsure of how to maneuver, visiting a nutritional health practitioner for advice is highly recommended.
  • Diet pills. There are diet supplements available in the market in form of pills or herbal products these days, some of which are specifically manufactured to target belly fat cells. Some are quite effective and produce results with minimal efforts. However, it is important to note that not all of them will give you what they promise on their websites or packaging. The use of such pills requires great consciousness and care when selecting one. An advice from your doctor can come in handy, just so you be on the safe side.
  • Surgical therapy procedures. There are surgical procedures that are performed, especially on women ‘mommy make over programs’ to eliminate excess belly fat among other areas of the body. The procedure involves sedation and use of surgical blades, meaning that a wound that heals to become a scar is left behind. The process is one of the most effective ways of combating fat that is rather stubborn enough to resist other weight loss approaches. It is quite effective, even though there are some risks involved.
  • Slimmer belt. Sometimes referred to as corsets, slimmer belts are mostly worn by men and women who consider their tummy and waistline big, to improve their looks. In some instances however, they may be helpful when worn around the belly especially during exercise as they aid in the fat burning process to some degree by increasing the temperature and sweating around the area in question. It is important to note that they do not necessarily reduce belly fat by themselves.

Best ways to Burn Fat

The best approach of reducing belly fat is one that has minimal side effects and risks involved. This said; exercises and dieting remain the healthiest and most safe ways to tackle that extra fat in your tummy. For both men and women however, it is important to seek professional counsel from a medical practitioner before embarking on some or one of the approaches above. They will adverse you appropriately, especially concerning issues that may arise in the case that you have an underlying health condition and other risks that may be involved in each one of them.

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